Inno Technologies Oy invites investors and clients for mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of eliminating of the environmental problem - the elimination of oil waste.
Our company has performed the full analysis of similar equipment worldwide. Taking into account all the problematic sides of different producers, we developed almost perfect solution technologically. All existing analogues work on mono horizontal reactors. In case of their failure the entire work process will be stopped. Operating range pollution is also very small, which leads to clogging of the main unit. Besides the installation data are much more expensive.
Our solution is universal and consists of 6 horizontal reactors. If one of them fails, the other 5 are still working, just the productivity is reduced a little. Also our range of pollution has no limits. In other words we work with any contamination. This is accomplished through the work of 2 blocks (coarse and light refinement), which removed the entire range of contaminants alternately. The output is a technical clean soil, water and petroleum product which can be delivered to the refinery.
The equipment is a mobile complex which is located in 40-foot sea container. The deployment takes up to 7 days.

The equipment is a mobile complex which is located in 40-foot sea container. The deployment takes up to 7 days.


Oil sludge is not utilized permanently and cleared during processing to the state oil having a commercial value in the market. Thus sludge disposal is the process of getting their oil sludge for later use.
Performance of the equipment depends on the viscosity of sludge and it contained mechanical impurities and water, but in any case, the average productivity is 30-50 m3 oil sludge processing per hour. Thus, when the equipment is important to have good logistics structure or closed containers for large volume of finished petroleum products.

Sludge processing at the customer's site with the actual division of fractions on refined oil, solids and water.

Technical characteristics of equipment for processing oil sludge
Parameters Unit Value Comment
Productivity m3/ h 20-35 depending on the fraction
Power consumption kW from150 -
Weight of the installation Кg 40 000
Max. quantity of inclusions мм 150 basic filtration
Max. content of solids % not limited -
Max. water content in the sludge % not limited -
Max. content of oil product % not limited -
The use of chemical reagents g/м3 less than 100
Working with a liquid material - yes -
Working with a solid material - yes -
Operating temperature of the installation °С -18…+40 to -60 / option


The Company's strategy is to create regional joint ventures with participation of investors. Our aim is to provide services for oil sludge recycling.

Technology with obvious differences of potential analogues

Return of 49% on investment
Payback period

The optimal payback period of up to 12 months
The market of oil sludge

Market of recycling by an average of 5% of the turnover of petroleum products

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